Country singer Michela Sheedy on her favourite Canadian foods and Alberta's food scene

Country musician Michela Sheedy dishes on her love for Canada's culinary scene and her favourite iconic Canadian foods

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If you’ve ever been to a Calgary Flames game, you’ve probably heard the soulful, sultry ballads of Michela Sheedy. Since 2017, the talented Project Wild finalist has been serenading the Saddledome with some of the city’s most memorable national anthem performances.

Since writing her first song at the young age of eight, Sheedy hasn’t stopped building her impressive catalogue of achievements, including unforgettable performances at iconic Calgary venues like Ranchman’s, Cowboys, and the Stampede’s Nashville North Stage. 

Sheedy’s accolades include Notable Life’s Breakout Canadian Musician of the Year, Global Country Star Search grand prize winner, and most recently, she’s earned herself a finalist position in Project Wild’s Country Artist Development Program

With a debut single that made its way to number 47 on the iTunes Country Charts, Sheedy has proven that her powerful showmanship and distinguishable vocals have the kind of staying power that will keep her at the forefront of Canada’s country music scene for a long time.


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What do you love about Calgary’s restaurant scene?

I am absolutely in love with how diverse our restaurants are. I also think the best thing about the food here is that is of such high quality; not only in Calgary, but I feel like all of southern Alberta has such incredible dining options for everyone.

What is your favourite place to watch live music and grab a bite to eat and why?

What’s so great about where I’m from is that there are way too many to choose from. It was hard to narrow it down to just one but I would have to say that the King Eddy takes the cake for me. This legendary shrine to music history holds such a special place in my heart. You can find the best of the best hitting the stage and their food is amazing. I highly recommend the macaroni.

Do you have a favourite farmers’ market or boutique grocery story you enjoy shopping at?

My absolute favourite farmers' market is in my hometown, Okotoks, AB. They have all locally-grown produce and so many amazing small businesses coming out to sell their products. I love that market not only for what is sold, but because it is a place where you can run into an old friend, which typically leads to great conversation over some ice cream.


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Let’s talk iconic Canadian foods. What do you like more?

Ketchup chips or all-dressed chips?

All-dressed chips because I can’t quite pinpoint what flavour explosion goes on in my mouth when I eat them. Plus… I can’t stand ketchup chips.

Nanaimo bars or butter tarts?

Butter tarts from Heritage Park are the absolute best. I like them with as little raisins in them as possible, but they are fantastic however you make them.

Apple crisp or rhubarb crisp?

Apple crisp because I am in love with anything apple related. 

Hawkins Cheezies or Kraft Dinner?

Kraft Dinner always! No matter how old I get, I will always love sitting down with a full pot of KD and watching my favourite movie.

Smarties or Coffee Crisp?

Smarties are the best things ever. And they are most certainly different than M&M’s.

Alberta steak or East Coast lobster?

Alberta steak because it’s a meal sent from the heavens. I literally will not eat steak unless it’s from Alberta.

Cabbage rolls or perogies?

Perogies since I am a potato fanatic. Homemade perogies done to perfection are the best comfort food a person could ask for. 

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