One day in Vancouver: country singer Kristin Carter

The talented choir girl turned country artist fills us in on all of her favourite food and drink spots in Vancouver

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Originally from White Rock, B.C., Kristin Carter was drawn to music at an early age. Despite getting a seemingly late start into the music scene, from the age of 5 all the way through university, Carter was developing and fine tuning her powerful vocals while singing in a choir. 

In 2016, Carter found her true calling when she stepped out of her comfort zone and began a series of solo performances at any open mic she could find. After realizing she had something special, Carter shifted her full focus into her music career by entering multiple singing contests and developing a YouTube channel that has now generated over 100,000 views. 

Now with an impressive collection of live performances under her belt, including the Rockin’ River Country Music Festival, the Arts Whistler Live! series, and an unforgettable set at The Blue Jay Cafe, Carter is undoubtedly on the cusp of country music stardom. 

Carter’s soulful country sound is punctuated by her inspiring lyrics, dynamic vocals, and captivating stage presence. Her debut single, “Karma” released last month through country superstar Dallas Smith’s Steelhead Records, and has already received remarkably rave reviews.

We recently had a chance to chat with the talented musician to find out which food and drink spots she's grown most fond of during her time in Vancouver. 



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Beaucoup Bakery and Café in Kits. This place is divine! The recipe for their croissant is nine pages long. So, you know it's going to be amazing. The double-baked chocolate almond croissant is hands-down the best croissant I've had outside of Europe; no question. There's always a line but it moves quick.

They also do awesome teas and coffees and plenty of other baked goods, savoury and sweet and the Instagrammable decor and proximity to Granville Island doesn't hurt either!



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Peaceful Restaurant. After the King of Hawaiian flamed shirts, Guy Fieri, graced Peaceful with his presence a few years ago, this place has absolutely blown up. Their specialty is Northern Chinese cuisine, and their hand-dragged sauce noodles are to die for. The dan dan noodles with sizzling hot chilis are my go-to. My mom named her cat after the dan dan noodles--no joke, the cats name is actually Dan. Finish it off with a beef roll, and you'll be lucky to have room for dinner. Best part, it's pretty cheap.  



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Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana off the Drive. Two words: go early. This place fills up and for good reason. Fresh authentic Neapolitan pizza and an amazing selection of wine. They have this burrata appetizer that only has a limited number of servings per night. Get it! Don't question yourself (or me), just order it. Beautifully toasted focaccia with balsamic reduction, olive oil, red onion and a serving of fresh burrata--unreal. Plus, it's located off the Drive nestled in a residential neighbourhood, so you'll feel very Vancouver hip and can hit up the bars there afterward. 




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Prohibition. Wanna feel like a classy B? Hit this place up. Located in the cellar of the iconic Hotel Georgia, this 1920s era themed bar is the perfect place to cap off your night in Vancouver. Complete with live grand piano entertainment, this decadent moody cocktail bar and lounge serves up exceptional drinks and ambiance. Their signature cocktail, The Hotel Georgia, goes down as smoothly as your pick up lines. They even have those green desk lamps you see in old timey libraries.