Korean red pepper and lapsang souchong tea spice rub

Incorporate lapsang souchong — full of flavour and health benefits — in your cooking to add instant boldness.

Korean Pepper and Lapsang Spice Rub

Is cooking with tea crazy? Of course, but not unlike an episode of The Real Housewives of Vancouver (sadly now cancelled). I do like a little bit of "crazy" every once in a while.

Lapsang souchong is a smoke-dried tea with an intense flavour. Crushing the black tea up with peppercorns can add a rich, smoky flavour to a dish instantly.Try this spice rub on meats or hearty vegetables like cauliflower.

Ah, the five S's — sweet, smoky, salty, sweet and spicy. What more could you ask for in a spice blend?

Korean red pepper and lapsang souchong tea spice rub

1 tbsp lapsang souchong tea
1 tbsp ground black pepper
1 tbsp red pepper powder (available at most Asian specialty grocers)
2 tsp sea salt
2 tsp cane sugar

Place all ingredients in a mortar and pestle and crush until finely ground.

Store in covered container in cupboard and use as desired.

1/2 cup of spice rub
Prep Time:
5 minutes