One day in Calgary: Musician Ellen Doty

Contemporary jazz singer, Ellen Doty shares her favourite places to eat in Calgary

Jazz singer Ellen Doty
photo courtesy of Adam Deunk.
this article was revised on August 8, 2017

With a voice as pure as...oh, we don't know, an angel perhaps, it's hard not to be entranced by Ellen Doty the moment you start to hear her sing. The Calgary-based vocalist (think Michael Buble's charming female equivalent) has made quite a name for herself in Western Canada in the past few years.

Her music is rooted in jazz, but she moves outside of the box, treading into folk and pop music territory with her repertoire of songs. She released her much-anticipated first full album Gold in 2014, which broke the top ten on several jazz charts in Canada and received rave reviews from both fans and media.

Jazz singer Ellen Doty

Taking a break from her captivating regular performances in recent months, Doty has been hard at work recording her sophomore album in Toronto. Now back home in Calgary, she's getting ready to release a brand new single, "September Moon" on September 8th. We can't wait to hear her new music, but the songstress also needs a little bit of our help. She currently has an Indiegogo campaign until August 26th to help raise funds to finish manufacturing, designing her album as well as to film a top notch music video to go along with its release. Many artists have found success this way including 1990s R&B group TLC who just released their fully crowd-funded album last month.

If there is one artist in Calgary we'd love to see really hit their stride it is, without a doubt, Ellen Doty. If you're up for supporting someone who actively supports her community her community and makes Calgary a more vibrant place with her soul-warming music, you can do so here.

What else is Doty passioante about? Well, she also loves Calgary's vibrant restaurant scene, of course! Here are some of the places around town that at which you'll likely find the talented jazz singer having a bite to eat or a glass of wine or both!



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Dairy Lane Cafe. Everything [here] is fresh and locally sourced, and they make a mean eggs Benny. Love those hash browns too! It's also a block from my house, so that's definitely a plus. 


Vietnamese sizzling crepe from Tamarind Vietnamese. photo courtesy of Ingrid Kuenzel.

I'm going with the Tamarind Vietnamese Grill and Noodle House! I was recently introduced to this spot by Danny Vacon of The Dudes, who I recorded the song "Favourite Sweater" with. It's definitely a hidden gem! All of the dishes are vegetarian and come with mock meats. It's delicious! 



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Can I pick three? First, Pigeonhole. Yum! The charred cabbage is delicious, as are the crispy potatoes. Can you tell I like potatoes? Ha, ha. Great decor and friendly staff too.



Good choice.

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Next is Bridgette Bar. I love the food and the cocktails here. The design of the whole restaurant is so cool too with that vintage vibe it has!



I also love Rouge. I'm on a musician's salary, so I can't indulge here regularly, but the food is amazing. I also love the heritage home where the restaurant is, and it has an incredible backyard for summer cocktails. The owners, Paul and Olivier, are gems! 



I love the Kensington Pub. It's so quaint and cozy in there. Cassidy and all of the staff here are very friendly and accommodating. It's right in my neighbourhood, so you can often find me there grabbing a glass of wine after rehearsal. A great neighbourhood pub! 

Ellen Doty's sophomore album has been recorded, but the singer needs your help!

"I recently finished recording my sophomore album, and I'm absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. I can't wait for you to hear it! Here's where I need your help. The recording process itself is complete, but I require support to cover the costs of manufacturing, album design, publicity, a music video, and other promotional content that is necessary to really make a splash with this release. This project is incredibly dear to my heart and I'd love for as many people to hear it as possible."

If you'd like to help support this talented artist and help her find great success with this new album, find more information about how you can support her here.