Old Fashioned: how to make the classic bourbon cocktail

Mixologist Christopher Cho demonstrates the making of the perfect Old-Fashioned. 

Some long days just beckon a solid, stiff cocktail. For those days, breathe a sigh of relief with the Old-Fashioned, a timeless bourbon cocktail.

There are only a few ingredients to the drink, but screwing it up isn't impossible. To make the finest Old-Fashioned, follow these tips from Christopher Cho, current bar manager of Ayden Kitchen & Bar in Saskatoon, SK, former bar manager of Charcut in Calgary, AB:

  • stir the drink for approximately half a minute to dilute and chill the drink sufficiently
  • Cho prefers using Bulleit Bourbon in the drink for its spicy and smoky qualities
  • use a metal muddler, a sturdier and cleaner alternative to the wooden variety

Video produced by Dreadnaught Digital.