Watch: Eat North Variety Pack Episode 9

Watch the latest episode of Eat North Variety Pack here

On the ninth episode of Eat North Variety Pack, co-hosts Dan Clapson and Mairlyn Smith welcome Toronto-based food and travel writer Deepi Harish to the show as a new panelist. After talking fiddleheads, restaurant reopenings across Canada and comfort with social-distanced gatherings at home, the three welcome a line-up of interesting guests from coast to coast.

First up, Halifax's Lauren Marshall, chef-owner of Real Fake Meats, joins in to talk about the rise of plant-based cooking and how she approached vegan "meats" at her popular shop in Nova Scotia. Afterwards, she gives Mairlyn a crash course in making nut-based cheese, showcasing how easy it can be.

Next, Vancouver's Katie Rox, one quarter of the band Nice Horse, makes a boozy iced tea with Dan that is inspired by their new tune "Hot Mess" and perfect for sipping on the deck. Saskatoon-based country singer Shantaia closes out the show with a beautiful acoustic performance of her current single "I Wish You Would".

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