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December 11th: A one-of-a-kind cocktail lesson at Botanist

A unique experience inside Botanist's stunning cocktail lab in Vancouver

Fairmont Pacific Rim Botanist cocktails

The cocktail bar inside Fairmont Pacific Rim’s new, award-winning Botanist restaurant is dedicated to the science of cocktails. Grant Sceney, a world-class award winning mixologist and the hotel’s beverage director, has created a list of whimsical, yet sophisticated cocktails for patrons to enjoy night after night. This unique and elevated beverage experience is enhanced by the Cocktail Lab which uses commercial kitchen elements such as a centrifuge to separate ingredients of different densities, a band saw for size-specific ice sculpting, and a rotary evaporator (Rotovap) to distill and vacuum.  Select libations give a nod to the botanical background and chemistry inspired roots.

They are truly something to behold. The Deep Cove, pictured above, uses Island Gin, sea buckthorn, and blue algae and is served in a customized terrarium style glass that was molded onto a log of driftwood. How cool is that?

To win this one-of-a-kind “behind the scenes” cocktail lab experience for you and a friend at Botanist, tell us below the name of one of the other places you can eat and drink inside of the Fairmont Pacific Rim.