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December 16th: Learn the art of sushi making at Miku

Miku Vancouver restaurant

Vancouver is known well for it's amazing fresh seafood and top tier Japanese restaurants. Miku, close to the water is a perfect example of a place where you can find fresh and beautifully prepared sushi in the West Coast city. The restaurant is having special coursed Holiday dinners on December 24th and 31st, so if you find yourself in Vancouver without plans on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, you'll be able to find something delicious at Miku.

You don't always have to go to a restaurant for sushi, though. Although you can't master the art of sushi with just a few lessons, you can learn some tips and tricks and host a sushi party at home. To win a sushi making lesson for you and a friend, tell us what the difference is between nigiri and sashimi.