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December 17th: Make a better cocktail with Bittered Sling bitters

Win Bittered Sling's 2014 lineup of products

Bittered Sling bitters

It's almost 2015 and the notion that a vodka and sprite is an appropriate cocktail to sip on while out on the town with friends is something that died with our youth years ago. Yes, when it comes to a Friday night, only a well-made, cold (or hot; 'tis the season after all) cocktail in our hands will do.

We're sure you know as well as we do that making cocktails at home can be just as rewarding as watching a mixologist craft one for you at a restaurant, but to do a drink right at home, you need to have the right tools.

Bittered Sling produces some of North America's top quality bitters. So, giving you a complete set of its new 2014 line of bitters and extracts should really up your at-home mixology. Although they have a booming business, industry power couple (we hate that word, but it's pretty fitting in this situation), Lauren Mote and Jonathan Chovancek, still help run two popular restaurants in Vancouver; front of house and back of house, respectively.

To win the complete 2014 set of Bittered Sling, tell us in the form below which restaurants Mote and Chovancek work at.