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December 23rd: Have an edible tour of Vancouver

If you love food, you'll understand the excitement and frustration of asking for restaurant recommendations before going on a trip to Vancouver, and then trying to hit all of them, calling to make reservations and organizing your food schedule ("We can totally have five meals in a day!").

There are so many options in the city and it's not easy to weed out the bad or tourist traps from the really great places unless you do your homework. Well, Vancouver Food Tour and its team of local food and drink experts do that for you and help you discover hidden gems in some of the coolest neighbourhoods. You can meet new friends while you enjoy some of the best food the city has to offer and taste local craft beers and wines.

If you and a friend want to get an in-depth culinary tour of one of Vancouver's amazing culinary neighbourhoods, name three restaurants that are located on Water Street in Vancouver.