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November 26th: Amazing craft beer delivered to your doorstep courtesy of Canada Craft Club

Canada Craft Club subscriptions
Canada Craft Club is the country's premier craft beer subscription program.


These days, it's hard to walk into a pub or beer hall in any Canadian city and not be overwhelmed with the selection of amazing craft beer options. As beer culture continues to grow and grow, it's important to stay in the know, and what better way to do that than have new, cool and (most importantly) delicious brews show up right at your doorstep. That's where Canada Craft Club, the country's premier beer subscription company, comes in.

With several different options for beer delivery, the team at Canada Craft Club is dedicated to finding the most unique brews a beer fan could hope for. You can check out their website for more information, but for today, they've happily offered up a three-month Craft Fan Holiday Subscription* for one lucky Eat Norther to enjoy. The winner will receive four carefully selected, large format craft beers delivered right to their door each month for three months.

To win a three-month craft beer fan subscription and an e-store credit of $15, name 4 craft breweries from different Canadian provinces or territories.

*winner must pay taxes on subscription prize since the government does not enjoy anyone contesting booze tax-free.