Beer cocktail: Honey Brew

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Even non-beer drinkers will enjoy this refreshing cocktail made with blonde ale. This is not the time to be using Bud or Coors Light. 

Recipe courtesy of Christopher Cho, general manager and bar manager of Ayden Kitchen & Bar in Saskatoon, SK.

1½ oz. Beefeater Gin
¾ oz. Honey syrup
¾ oz. lemon juice
2 dashes Grapefruit bitters
4 oz. Blanche de Chambly or any blonde ale

In a glass shaker, add gin, honey syrup (dissolved honey in equal parts hot water), lemon juice and grapefruit bitters. Add ice and shake vigorously. 

Double strain into a Collins glass. 

Add a few ice cubes to the glass. Top up with beer.

To garnish: zested peel of a grapefruit.

Twist the peel over the top of the drink to release the oils, garnish with the peel.

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