Behind the Name: Winnipeg's Piccola Cucina

How this Italian-inspired family business got its name

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With a passion for family and sharing good food, mother-daughter duo Anita and Pina Romolo co-founded their commercial bakery Piccola Cucina in 2009 with a goal of producing healthy almond-based creations, including macaroons and pie shells. All of their products are kosher and gluten free, made using almonds and almond flour sourced from a third-generation family farm in California.

So what does their name mean? Piccola Cucina is Italian for “little kitchen,” paying homage to the little kitchen where it all began.

“The recipes came from my mom’s kitchen and from our family recipe book,” says Pina Romolo. “We were physically operating in a small kitchen in the beginning.”

Their recipes are simple and their ingredients are few, staying true to their humble beginnings that are rooted in Italian tradition.

“We preserved the nature in which our products are made–in small batches–just like [they would be] in our home kitchen with wholesome ingredients, centered around our roots and feeding people good food.”

Piccola Cucina's artisan products can be purchased on their website and shipped worldwide or picked up at various retailers across Canada.