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Christie Peters

Christie Peters is the chef and owner of The Hollows and Primal Pasta in Saskatoon along with her partner Kyle Michael. Peters was born and raised in a Saskatoon. At the age of 19 she left home to begin a career as an international model. While living and working in Toronto, she developed a love of the food and restaurant world. After deciding she needed to gain a practical skill which would serve her throughout her life, she decided to enter the culinary world. Christie moved to Vancouver where she developed her culinary skills by training under numerous chefs. Throughout her career she has travelled to work in kitchens in San Francisco, Amsterdam and is currently about to continue her culinary education at Noma in Denmark.

Image for Progressive Plates YXE - A monochromatic pop-up dinner

Progressive Plates: creating a monochromatic tasting menu

The chef-owner of The Hollows and Primal describes the thought process behind her colourful pop-up dinner menu

Jul 22, 2019