How to turn turkey dinner leftovers into brunch

Learn how to make a simple pancake batter, then play a little "Choose your own adventure" by deciding whether to make a sweet or savoury brunch with turkey dinner leftovers.

Cold as a sandwich filling or reheated to its original glory, leftovers from a holiday dinner are always delicious. Always. That being said, there's no reason why you can't get more creative. Let Dan Clapson show you how to take the leftovers in Tupperware containers and turn them into what are quite possibly the best pancakes in the whole, entire world.

*Note: the YouTube links embedded in the video won't work on your phone or tablet, so head to these links below to continue this pancake 'adventure'.*

Sweet - Pumpkin pie and cranberry pancakes

Savoury - Turkey dinner pancakes with maple bacon gravy

Video produced by Dreadnaught Digital.