Eat North Podcast: Melodies and Menus with Jade Turner and Mark Singson

Discussing the intersections of food and music

With the (first?) summer heatwave behind us, co-hosts Madison Olds and Dan Clapson are looking forward to some refreshing conversations with chef Mark Singson and country singer Jade Turner on our latest episode of Melodies and Menus.

Rooted in Manitoba, Turner chats with us about why people should explore Winnipeg's food and drink scene and her love of all-season fishing. Ice fishing, lake fishing, river name it, the talented singer is up for it! Of course, she'll share some insight on her latest single "Somehow Someone" too.

Vancouver-based private chef and popup event planner extraordinaire Mark Singson joins the co-hosts next to discuss his personal taste in music and how he incorporates that into his social media presence. Being a runner-up on Top Chef Canada Season 6, Singson also chats a bit about his experience from the rearview mirror and what it takes for a chef to find success in a competition like that.

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