Eat North Podcast: Melodies and Menus with Jenn Sharp and Hill Kourkoutis

A music producer and docuseries creator discuss food and music

While we always make a point of talking with interesting Canadians who love all things food, this week's podcast episode has two guests that truly exemplify the idea of a food lover.

First up, Melodies and Menus co-hosts Madison Olds and Dan Clapson talk with accomplished musician and producer Hill Kourkoutis about everything from gardening to mastering the art of sourdough and the dos and don'ts of what to eat in the recording studio. Kourkoutis also shares some insight on how her creative processes of music production and making dinner at home are more aligned than one might think.

Ever the advocate for Saskatchewan's food scene, writer, author and Flat Out Food docuseries co-creator Jenn Sharp joins the conversation next. Sharp discusses how the right orchestral score can help capture a viewer's attention in a food-focused docuseries like hers as well as why it is high time Canadians start paying attention to what the food producers, purveyors and creators in her province have to offer.

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