Eat North Podcast: Melodies and Menus with Mairlyn Smith and Tania Joy

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On the latest episode of the podcast miniseries Melodies and Menus, co-hosts Madison Olds and Dan Clapson are ready to delve into the intertwinings of all things food and drink with two great new guests.

First up, the duo chats with the one and only Mairlyn Smith. The award-winning cookbook author and TV personality was raised on musical theatre, so she discusses all things theatre, musical-inspired menus, her love of singing, teacups and more.

Next, Ontario-based folk singer Tania Joy joins to discuss her passion for supporting the local community and her recent musical releases–one of which Dan and Madison think would be perfectly at home as a James Bond theme song. Joy also talks about how she works with different restaurants and cafes around Uxbridge, ON to create a unique annual music festival.

In each episode, we also ask our guests to share their favourite eats and beats of the week.

Mairlyn Smith's beats of the week: I can't stop listening to "Imagine" by Ben Platt. It's a gorgeous and catchy tune.

Tania Joy's eats of the week: Urban Pantry is where I take all newcomers [to Uxbridge]. They change their menu seasonally and it's all so good, so you've got to keep going back!


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