Daily bite: Ocean Wise partners with new Canadian food startup, Transparent Kitchen

Ocean Wise leverages the platform's transparency into the makings of a restaurant 

Image for Daily bite: Ocean Wise partners with new Canadian food tech company, Transparent Kitchen

These days, it's not enough for restaurants to just cook tasty dishes. There's a social responsibility that comes with being a chef or restaurateur to promote sustainable practices and to educate the public on the impact that food production has on the environment. That's why Ocean Wise just partnered with Transparent Kitchen to help promote its sustainable seafood awareness program through the Ottawa-based startup's interactive multimedia platform. 

Currently, the site showcases chefs and restaurants from six Canadian cities, with beautiful photos and information on their menus, philosophy and use of ingredients. With their common goal of helping consumers understand food sources and how to make the best choices when food shopping, Ocean Wise hopes that the partnership will help drive their message about sustainability and tell their story in a more visually engaging way. 

"Increasingly, we see that consumers want more information so this partnership was a natural fit for us,” said Ann-Marie Copping, Ocean Wise seafood program manager. 

You can find the ocean Wise logo on all seafood dishes that featured recommended ocean-friendly items.

“The value that chefs put into their dishes is no longer hidden, as is the case with traditional text menus, providing needed information to the customer who are willing to pay for quality that is truly transparent,” said Frazer Nagy, founder, Transparent Kitchen. 

In addition to featuring dishes that are Ocean Wise friendly, Transparent Kitchen will also cover the Ocean Wise partner fees for any new restaurant that joins their platform for the first time, offering a discount on their monthly fee until the Ocean Wise partner fee is covered.