Ocean Wise National Seafood Festival kicks off on February 1

The month-long sustainable seafood festival returns to its original format

After making the switch to a seafood chowder-only format in response to pandemic-related restrictions in 2021, Ocean Wise’s annual Seafood Festival is officially returning full creative control into the hands of participating chefs, restaurants, and retailers on February 1.

During the month-long festival, food and beverage businesses across the country will feature a special sustainable seafood dish or packaged product to help raise both awareness and funds for Ocean Wise’s sustainable seafood program. 

“We are thrilled to see the Ocean Wise Seafood Festival coming into its own as a Canada-wide celebration of sustainable seafood,” says Claire Dawson, Senior Manager of the Fisheries initiative at Ocean Wise. ”This event brings together conservationists, consumers and the industry alike to prepare and savour creative dishes featuring sustainability superstars like clams, mussels, kelp and many more! At a time when we all need something to celebrate, why not support your local sustainable seafood businesses by trying as many as you can through the month of Februry?”

While registration is still open and more participants will likely be added until the festival gets underway, the current list includes acclaimed West Coast eateries like Naramata Inn, Minami, and Fukasaku, Eastern Canadian retailers like Fresh City Farms and The Healthy Butcher in Toronto, Le Soleil Du Sud and Frandon Seafoods in Montreal, along with several Sobeys, Safeways, and more from across the country. 

The full list of participating Ocean Wise Seafood Festival locations along with each corresponding sustainable seafood dish can be found online.