B.C. Sangria

Make this overnight for maximum flavour

Justin Taylor, bar manager of Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar uses fresh B.C. local ingredients for this red wine cocktail.

Loaded with flavour, and yet not overly sweet, this locally-inspired sangria uses B.C. ingredients like wildflower honey from the Honeybee Centre in Surrey, B.C., cherry liqueur from Okanagan Spirits and fresh juice from Vancouver’s own Chasers Juice.

For those in other regions, feel free to switch up the juices and liqueur with something unique near you. 

Prepare this cocktail the night before for a more flavourful drink.

B.C. Sangria

2 750 ml bottles red wine
5 oz. Okanagan Spirits Cherry Liqueur
5 oz. McLoughlin & Steele Whisky
10 oz. honey water (equal parts honey and water)
10 oz. Chasers cranberry juice
10 oz. Chasers blueberry juice
10 oz. filtered water
20 pieces seasonal and local fruits, plus more for garnish (optional)

Combine ingredients in a large punch bowl. Stir to incorporate, and serve in wine glasses. 

If making the night before, pour sangria into bottles using a funnel. Seal bottles and refrigerate.

To garnish, freeze fruit pieces in ice cube tray. Place one cube of frozen fruit in each glass for individual servings, or place all in a punch bowl.

Makes 3 L