Beaumont Kitchen's PB&J French toast

Peanut butter and jelly meets French toast in this decadent breakfast

Photo by Cindy La.
Photo by Cindy La.

One of the newest restaurants in the Oliver & Bonacini family, Beaumont Kitchen brings fresh and seasonal West Coast cuisine to Toronto, with contemporary thin crust pizzas, mains like Lake Erie pickerel, and appetizers like Fogo Island. One of its famous dishes is this peanut butter and jelly French toast on its brunch menu. If you can't make it there to indulge, make it at home. 

200 g peanut butter
80 g honey
200 g mascarpone cheese
6 whole eggs
250 g milk
50 g sugar
5 g grated nutmeg
1 loaf brioche
4 scoops vanilla ice cream
raspberry jam, to garnish
clarified butter, as needed

In a medium-sized bowl, whip the peanut butter, honey and mascarpone together until well combined to form the mascarpone peanut butter. Transfer to a piping bag.

In a separate bowl, blend eggs, milk, sugar and nutmeg together until well combined to form the royale.

Slice the brioche vertically into four large, equal-sized pieces.

Using a utility knife, cut a hole into the crust side of the bread. Pipe in as much of the mascarpone peanut butter mixture as the loaf will accommodate.

Soak the bread in the royale on one side for 10 minutes, and then on the other side for 10 minutes more. At this point the bread will be incredibly soft.

Transfer the bread to the fridge and allow it to set for one hour.

Preheat oven to 350 F.

In a pan over high heat, sear the French toast in clarified butter until golden brown on both sides.

Transfer French toast to oven for 15-20 minutes, until the bread has set and the center is liquid.

To serve the French toast, transfer them onto plates, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of each and smother it with raspberry jam.

Enjoy immediately!

4 servings