Brad Royale's Cowboy Breakfast Cocktail

Celebrate Calgary Stampede wherever you are with this cowboy-inspired cocktail

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This cocktail combines all the elements of a Stampede breakfast. Tequila and liquid smoke assist in bringing out the smokiness of the bourbon as well as balance out the bacon infused maple syrup and cherry bark bitters. Egg whites are shaken dry to give the cocktail a smooth silky finish.

Cowboy’s Breakfast Cocktail

1 1/2 oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon
1/2 oz Cazadores Tequila
1/2 oz bacon-infused maple syrup
1 egg white
3 shakes Cherry Bark Bitters
2 shakes liquid smoke
1 strip candied bacon, for garnish

Add all ingredients except for bacon strip to cocktail shaker without ice, and shake. Add ice, then shake again. Pour into martini and garnish with bacon.