The Chiang Kai Caesar from Kanpai Snack Bar

Image for The Chiang Kai Caesar from Kanpai Snack Bar

Fewer street food night markets are as famous as the one in Taiwan, and Kanpai Snack Bar brings those iconic small bites to Toronto, with its bao, tofu, fried chicken and other bold and flavourful dishes. What you can't find in Taiwan that Kanpai offers is its Chiang Kai Caesar, with influences from Japan and Thailand. Load up the stick of garnish with Taiwanese fried chicken pieces to make it even better.

lime juice, to rim glass
shichi-mi togarashi, to rim glass
1 tsp sambal chili sauce
1 tsp shoyu or tamari
3 to 4 drops Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp lime juice
1 oz. spirit of your choice, Izumi sake, Tromba Silver tequila, Dillon's gin or Absolut vodka
Walter Craft Caesar Mix
bird's eye chile, optional garnish
cooked prawn, optional garnish

Prepare the glass by moistening rim of glass with lime juice.

Rim with Japanese shichi-mi togarashi (seven-flavour chili pepper) and add lots of ice to the glass.

Mix in the chili sauce, shoyu or tamari, Worcestershire Sauce, lime juice and choice spirit.

Fill to rim with Walter Craft Caesar Mix. Stir slightly. Add desired garnish.