Chickadee's Wreck Beach cocktail

Enjoy Sexy Saturdays at The Chickadee Room or at home

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The newest addition to the Juke Fried Chicken family, The Chickadee Room, has been an absolute hit since its inception a few months ago. Providing an authentic 80s-style experience, while limiting contact with others, The Chickadee Room is a one stop shop for thoughtful drinks and late night snacks. 

Their newest additions to the menu come courtesy of bar manager Sabrine Dhaliwal and Lily Duong. Top Gun Tuesdays and Sexy Saturdays are just two of the daily cocktail series. Our favourite offering comes on Sexy Saturday, a cocktail named Wreck Beach. This retro cocktail will have you charging up your Walkman and dancing all night long.


Wreck Beach

45 mL vodka
30 mL orange juice
15 mL peach nectar
10 mL grenadine

Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until mixed.

Pour into a coupe style glass and garnish with a dehydrated lemon peel. 

Serves 1