East Thirty-Six's Havanhattan cocktail

We're getting close to the holidays and East Thirty-Six's Julien Salomone has some suggestions on holiday cocktails you can make at home for your party. This is a rum-based take on the Manhattan, with herbal notes from Dubonnet Rouge and bitters. If going out for drinks is more of your style, then head over to the restaurant, where you can choose from a menu of more than 17 cocktails and a selection of small bites. 

2 oz. Havana Club Anejo Reserva
1 oz. Dubonnet Rouge
2 dashes Fee Brothers Old Fashion Aromatic Bitters
1 maraschino cherry, to garnish

Fill a rock glass with ice. Pour ingredients (except garnish) overtop and give a light stir with a cocktail spoon. Garnish with an amarena (or maraschino) cherry.