An easy Jalapeno and Basil Caesar cocktail recipe

A fresh and herbaceous take on a classic Caesar

Image for Mott's Clamato Reserve's Yellow Tom Mary cocktail

Canadians have been enjoying Caesar cocktails for more than a half-century, and while we haven’t been around for the full journey, we’ve certainly seen our share of creative renditions over the years. 

To make mixing up unique Caesars a little easier this summer, Mott’s Clamato recently released a new Caesar mix featuring a fresh infusion of cucumber and basil. The new mix forms the base of this delicious recipe that also sees peppers and tomatoes muddled in a simple process.

Jalapeno and Basil Caesar cocktail

4 slices jalapeño pepper
1 1⁄2 oz vodka
1⁄4 cup chopped tomatoes
4 oz Mott's Clamato Cucumber and Basil Reserve
caesar rimmer
yellow cherry tomato, for garnish
fresh basil, for garnish

Run lime wedge over rim of cocktail glass, then, dip rim into Mott's Clamato Original Rimmer and set aside.

In a cocktail shaker, muddle together jalapeño, chopped tomatoes and vodka. 

Add in 4 oz Mott's Clamato Cucumber and Basil Reserve and fill with ice.

Shake vigourously and pour into a rimmed Collins glass filled with ice.

Garnish with yellow cherry tomato skewer and fresh basil. 

1 cocktail
Prep Time:
2 minutes