El Rey Mezcal Bar's Where's My Coffee Fam cocktail

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Here's a fun alternative to coffee to go with your weekend brunch. El Rey Mezcal Bar just launched its brunch program, which includes seasonal and morning-inspired cocktails, like this martini. Give it a try, especially on a chilly Saturday morning.


Where's My Coffee Fam cocktail

1 1/2 oz. Dillon's Don Vigia rum
1/4 oz. apricot liqueur
3/4 oz. coffee extract, see recipe below
1/2 oz. oat milk
1/4 oz. Honey syrup, see recipe below
1 egg
3 dashes pimento bitters, for garnish

Add all ingredients into shaker except the bitters, add ice, shake hard for 10 seconds. 

Strain back into shaker and shake without ice for 10 seconds to build the foam. 

Garnish with bitters.


Coffee extract

1 litre water
350 g whole coffee beans

Add beans to pot and slightly warm on very low heat. Do not overheat.

Then, add beans and water to blender and blend thoroughly. Add to airtight container and let rest for 24 hours. After resting Strain, bottle and refrigerate.

Shelf life: 3 weeks.


Honey syrup

500 g honey
250 g water

Add water to pot on medium heat, once simmering, add honey and wait until it’s fully dissolved.

Let cool, bottle and refrigerate.

Shelf life: 2.5 weeks

You can make as much or little as you like, just ensure it’s a 2:1 ratio