Hibiscus Hound cocktail from Fairmont Vancouver Airport’s Jetside Lounge

A refreshing reboot on the classic greyhound cocktail

Image for Hibiscus Hound  cocktail from Fairmont Vancouver Airport’s Jetside Lounge

National Cocktail Day is now just one day away and Fairmont properties across Canada have been creating an array of unique libations and innovative interpretations of classic cocktails to commemorate the occasion. This Hibiscus Hound from Jetside Lounge at Fairmont Vancouver Airport falls into the latter, offering a fresh take on the age-old greyhound cocktail. 

As one of the oldest known cocktail recipes, the greyhound is pretty simple; grapefruit juice, gin, and the occasional twist of lemon or lime for garnish. The Jetside Lounge’s spring-inspired Hibiscus Hound takes the classic cocktail to the next level by incorporating Hibiscus Vodka from Arbutus Distillery, which is brewed, fermented, and distilled on Vancouver Island from British Columbia-grown wheat and steeped hibiscus flowers. 

Although the Vancouver lounge’s reinterpretation adds some very welcomed complexity to the relatively basic beverage, creating the Hibiscus Hound is similarly straightforward and a great addition to any home bartender’s repertoire.

Hibiscus Hound cocktail

1.0 oz Arbutus Distillery Hibiscus Vodka
0.5 oz Cointreau
2 oz grapefruit juice
edible flower, for garnish

Combine vodka, Cointreau, grapefruit juice and ice into a shaker and shake well.

Strain contents into a coupe glass and garnish with an edible flower.