L’Abattoir restaurant’s Avocado Gimlet

Shaun Layton, head barman at Vancouver’s L’Abattoir shows us how to make a cocktail with savoury ingredients

The unlikely combination of olive, rosemary, apple and avocado doesn’t just belong in a Vitamix. Shaun Layton, head barman of Vancouver, B.C.’s lauded L’Abattoir restaurant, played around with this flavour combination thinking it would be one for the risk-takers. Little did he know that the Avocado Gimlet would become one of the restaurant’s best-selling cocktails.

Avocado Gimlet

1/4 ripe avocado
1 barspoon sugar
60 mL olive and rosemary infused gin
15 mL Berentzen Apfelkorn (apple schnapps)
30 mL fresh lime juice
10 mL simple syrup

Add avocado and sugar to a mixing glass, and briefly muddle.

Add all other ingredients and fill with ice. Cover with shaker and shake very hard. Pour through a fine strainer into a chilled cocktail coupe.