Lauren Mote's Liberation cocktail

Lauren Mote, bar manager of UVA, shares her take on the classic French cocktail

Liberate yourself from everything stressful with Lauren Mote's (of Vancouver's UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar) cocktail made of calvados, sherry, Lillet, Campari and Bittered Sling's celery bitters.

Liberation cocktail

1 oz. Père Magloire fine calvados
1/2 oz. Fino sherry
1/2 oz. Lillet
1 oz. Campari
2 dashes Bittered Sling Cascade Celery bitters

Stir all ingredients together with ice.

Strain over fresh cubes in an old fashioned glass.

Garnish with a long strip of grapefruit peel, squeezing the citrus oils over the top of the cocktail before dropping the peel into the drink.

1 cocktail