Miantiao's Time Traveler cocktail

A fun twist on a classic Garibaldi cocktail

Image for Time Traveler cocktail recipe from Vancouver’s Miantiao

Since opening its doors last month in the Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver, Kitchen Table Restaurants’ newest concept Miantiao has quickly become one of the city’s go-to destinations for its unique blend of Italian and Chinese cuisine. 

In the Miantiao lounge, bar manager Gianluigi Bosco uses a similar approach when designing creative cocktails. With his latest creation, the Time Traveler, Bosco gives the iconic Italian Garibaldi cocktail a Chinese twist with the addition of Miantiao’s house Pu’er-infused vodka. 

Bosco sources the Time Traveler Pu’er tea from O5 Tea in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood, who make the tea using the leaves from 500 year old trees in the Chinese province of Yunnan. 

“It’s a tea processed differently from other Pu’ers as it gets oxidized the same way black tea would be,” says Bosco. “The tea’s long-lasting flavour and strong apricot and maplewood notes create a complex and intriguing addition to the vodka base for the Time Traveler.”

Time Traveler cocktail

40 mL Pu’er infused vodka
20 mL Campari
30 mL fresh orange juice
15 mL passion fruit puree
7.5 mL fresh lemon juice
splash of soda

Fill glass with ice and add 40 ml Pu’er infused vodka.

Add 20 ml of Camapari, 30 ml of orange juice (fresh is preferred), 15 ml of passion fruit purée, and 7.5 ml of fresh lemon juice.

Add a splash of soda.

Stir and enjoy!

Pu’er infused vodka

Pour approximately 170 ml of vodka into a bottle or jar and add 3-4 Pu’er tea leaves. Place the bottle in a cool, dark spot for 2-3 weeks to infuse. Strain the mixture and keep it chilled in the fridge.

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