Miku Negroni

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The classic negroni is a great way to wind down or to start a meal, but if the Campari is a bit too strong for your liking, try adding some Yama Yuzu sake liqueur, like in this negroni recipe by Nick Meyer, head bartender at Toronto's Miku sushi restaurant. The citrus and sweetness of the liqueur and the orange rind help balance out the bitterness, while the thyme in the garnish gives the drink a herbal finish on the nose. 

4 tsp Beefeater Gin
4 tsp Campari
4 tsp Dolin Rouge
3 tsp Yama Yuzu Sake liqueur

Add all ingredients into double rocks glass with 3/4 full with a big ice block.

Stir and rub the glass rim with thick orange rind.

Roll thick orange rind around a sprig of thyme and place in glass as garnish.