Mule Gone Wild cocktail

If you can't make it to Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar for cocktails, you can quench your thirst with this recipe.

Justin Taylor, bar manager of Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar in Vancouver, came up with this refreshing variation of the Moscow Mule. 

1 whole lime, juiced
1 small handful cilantro
2 oz. Hornitos añejo tequila
3 dashes Scrappy’s chocolate bitters
1/4 oz. cane sugar syrup, or simple syrup
2 oz. Grace ginger beer

In a mule mug, add lime juice and a pinch of cilantro (reserving the rest for garnish), and muddle.

Fill mug with crushed ice.

Add tequila, bitters, sugar syrup and ginger beer, and stir to incorporate.

Add more crushed ice to fill the mug.

Garnish with cilantro leaves.