Odd Society Spirits' Salem The Cat cocktail

A Halloween-inspired cocktail to make at home

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Photo provided by Katharine Manson.

With Halloween swiftly approaching, we are alway up for something thematic to sip on. A boozy nod to the tale of a witch sentenced to spend a century as a cat for attempting to take over the world, Salem The Cat is a bittersweet concoction that will leave you spellbound come October 31.

This clever potion recipe, if you will, was created by Odd Society Spirits' bar manager, Olivia Povarchook and is easy enough to stir up at home and packs a memorable punch.

If you live in the Vancouver area, head down to Odd Society Spirits' distillery and cocktail lounge between Thursday and Saturday to have Povarchook whip one (or two) up for you.

Salem The Cat cocktail

1 oz Odd Society Mongrel unaged rye
1 oz Odd Society Mia Amata Amaro
0.25 oz Odd Society Crème de Cassis
1 bar spoon Fernet Branca
Pernod, (to rinse the glass)

Chill a coupe glass.

Rinse the coupe with Pernod and discard what doesn’t coat the interior of the glass.

Stir the first four ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and strain into coupe.

Garnish with brandied cherries and serve.

1 cocktail
Prep Time:
10 minutes