Pourhouse's L'amour Rouge cocktail

A citrusy and smooth sparkling cocktail that's as good for brunch as it is for the evening

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Add more sparkle to your life with this L'amour Rouge cocktail from Vancouver's Pourhouse. Made with lemon juice, Chartreuse, and raspberry butter-washed bourbon, this citrusy sparkling drink is great as a start to any evening, or even with brunch over the weekend. Give it a try with this recipe.

20 mL raspberry butter-washed bourbon
10 mL Yellow Chartreuse
10 mL fresh lemon juice
30 mL sparkling wine

Combine all ingredients except for sparkling wine in a cocktail shaker and shake hard for 8 seconds.

Fine strain into a stemmed cocktail glass or flute.

Add sparkling wine, sip and enjoy.

Raspberry butter-washed bourbon

70 g unsalted butter
60 g frozen raspberries
1 750-ml bottle Buffalo Trace Bourbon

*In a sauce pan on low heat, melt unsalted butter with frozen raspberries. Stir until incorporated but not burned. Pour mixture over 750 ml (1 bottle) of Buffalo Trace bourbon. Cover and let sit for four hours at room temperature.

Move to fridge or freezer until the butter rises and can be scooped off solidly, then strain.