Straight and Marrow’s Plasma Flow cocktail

A Halloween twist on a classic Lava Flow cocktail 

Image for Straight and Marrow’s Plasma Flow cocktail

Halloween is right around the corner and if there’s one thing we look forward to most this time of year, it’s the creativity that the spooky celebration seems to inspire in Canada’s food and beverage community. 

When it comes to cocktails in Vancouver, few fit the creative beverage bill better than Straight and Marrow bar manager Chad Rivard. This year, Rivard has created a playful spin on the tropical Lava Flow cocktail using strawberry-basil balsamic shrub in place of strawberry puree for a deliciously drinkable result. 

Plasma Flow cocktail

2 ounces dry gin
3 ounces pineapple juice
1 ounce coconut syrup
0.5 ounces strawberry-basil balsamic shrub

Combine gin, pineapple juice, and coconut syrup with crushed ice in a shaker, cover and shake well. 

Pour contents into Collins glass. 

Drizzle shrub over top and it will “ooze” its way into the drink.