Sucre à la crème sauce

A wonderful, traditional winter dessert

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Bilingual musician, Alexis Normand of Rosie and The Riveters and her family members often get together during the holidays and bake together. Most French Canadian families make sucre à la crème as a harder, fudge-like cube. The Normand family makes it differently; they make it as a spread (think of that caramel spread, only much more creamy) - best enjoyed on toast as a little after dinner treat.

Sucre à la crème sauce

2 cups cane sugar
1 quart whipping cream

Put the sugar in a large pot and cook on high with approximately one cup of cream.

The art is in browning the sugar slowly. When it starts getting brown, add a bit more cream while maintaining the desired mellow brown colour. Keep doing this in increments until all the cream is used up, stirring constantly.

Once all the cream is in the pot, cook for a couple more minutes and then carefully transfer to a heat-safe bowl or container to cool and use as desired.

(note: the sucre à la crème will thicken as it cools)