Off the Vine cocktail

A sweet and savoury cocktail

If you appreciate Caesars or Bloody Marys, then you'll like this cocktail by Madeleine MacDonald of PDR and Model Milk, made with tomato water and kümmel liqueur, a sweet liqueur with hints of spices like caraway seed, cumin and fennel.

Off the Vine

2 oz. Beefeater Gin
1/4 oz. kümmel liqueur
1 oz. fresh lemon juice
1 tsp simple syrup
2 oz. tomato water

Fill martini shaker with ice, shake well and strain into a coupe glass.

Serve immediately.

Tomato water

tomatoes, as needed

Leaving the skin on and seeds in the tomatoes, juice tomatoes in industrial juicer.

You could have the same effect in a blender, but it won't be as effective. 

Strain juice or pureé through a coffee filter and fine strainer.