The West Coast Caesar

A Caesar made with Walter Craft Caesar Mix and B.C. spirits

Image for West Coast Caesar

We hoped you enjoyed some seasonal and local ingredients on Food Day Canada yesterday. You can keep the momentum going with this West Coast Caesar cocktail, made with sake, Sheringham gin and Walter Craft Caesar Mix and garnished with West Coast seafood.

The West Coast Caesar

1/2 oz. sake
1/2 oz. Sheringham gin
4 oz. Walter Craft Caesar Mix - Mild Spice
1/2 barspoon sriracha hot sauce
1 dash soy sauce
1 dash rice wine vinegar
1 squeeze fresh lime
1 each spot prawn and crab leg, for garnish, optional
1 wedge lime, for garnish
1 strip nori, for garnish

Rim glass with lime juice and Caesar spice.

Fill glass full with ice, add spirits, Walter Craft Caesar Mix (mild spice), remaining ingredients (except garnish), and stir gently.

If desired, garnish with seasonal B.C. seafood such as spot prawns and crab leg, a strip of nori and lime wedge.

1 cocktail
Prep Time:
5 minutes