Wildebeest's Guts & Grit cocktail

A Scotch cocktail with cherry puree and Italian vermouth.

Image for Wildebeest's Guts & Grit cocktail

To help raise funds for the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation, Josh Pape of Wildebeest has come up with this cocktail as a part of the Pride Cocktail Crawl Fundraiser, happening between July 14 and August 6. 




45 mL cocoa-infused Scotch
15 mL Punt e Mes Italian vermouth
15 mL lemon juice
10 mL cherry purée

Shake like hell with lots of ice and fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Spray orange oil over the drink and serve.

For the cherry purée, you can adjust the sweetness by adding honey to taste; omit if cherries are delicious and ripe.

Cocoa-infused Scotch

2 tsp cocoa nibs
750 mL Famous Grouse Blended Scotch whisky

Add cocoa nibs to one 750 ml bottle of Famous Grouse.

Sous-vide at 62 degrees for 45 minutes or leave it to steep for 48 hours before straining off the cocoa.