Wildebeest's Hastings Club cocktail

A twist on the classic Clover Club cocktail

Image for Wildebeest's Hastings Club cocktail

Whether you are looking to create a beautiful Valentine's Day cocktail or just something more special for the everyday, this gorgeous drink by Wildebeest's bar manager Alex Black is just what you need. It combines gin, orgeat, chocolate vanilla syrup, Champagne vinegar and egg white for a frothy and sweet and tart concoction, and a dusting of hibiscus to top.

45 mL Beefeater Gin
15 mL Okanagan Spirits Raspberry Liqueur
5 mL BG Reynold's Orgeat
5 mL Giffard's White Chocolate Syrup
5 mL BG Reynold's Devine Vanilla Syrup
8 mL Champagne vinegar
1 small egg white

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail tin and shake

Double strain into a cocktail glass

Top with hibiscus dust (ground dried hibiscus)