Podcast: Erika Casupanan on filming 'Traitors Canada', winning 'Surivior 41' and more

The first Canadian winner of 'Survivor' talks food and reality TV

Call her a Survivor champion, call her a Traitors Canada loser (the injustice!), call her what you want, but we call Erika Casupanan an exciting and engaging guest to have on our podcast.

As the first victim on the Canadian franchise of The Traitors, it was bittersweet for Hailey Benedict and Dan Clapson to get to interview one of our favourite reality TV Stars following Casupanan's elimination this week.

It's not all bad though, as the Survivor 41 winner explains how fun it was to film Traitors Canada regardless of how short her time on the show was.

Erika Casupanan also discusses how her life has changed since Survivor, falling in love with Toronto's food scene, why Mildred's Temple is a must for brunch, and so much more.