Baijiu Milk Punch

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Rich, carb-laden foods aren't the only things that can warm you up in the wintertime. Robust and spicy cocktails can also help you get you all toasty. This creamy drink, made by Baijiu's Tommie Cheng, uses dark or spiced rum and Sperone Cremovo for a deep caramel flavour, as well as soy milk for a touch of Asian influence; perfect for those blustery winter nights in Edmonton. 

1 oz. dark or spiced rum
1/2 oz. Sperone Cremovo
1 oz. unsweetened Chinese soy milk
1/2 oz. heavy cream
1/4 oz. cinnamon and vanilla infused simple syrup, or more to taste
1 cinnamon stick
pistachios, for garnish

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add all ingredients and shake. Double strain into a glass over a large ice cube or serve neat. Grate cinnamon and toasted pistachio on top to garnish.