Make dinner at home and celebrate World Pasta Day

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Most of us don't need a reason to make a delicious plate of pasta at home for dinner, so let World Pasta Day serve as a day where we can get more creative with the boxes of pasta we stroll by on the grocery store shelves when we're restocking our cupboards.

Here are a couple simple and delicious pasta recipes that make for a quick and easy, but filling meal. Definitely make a point of trying the spaghetti frittata recipe the next time you have leftover pasta. It might sound a little unorthodox, but try it and you'll be impressed!

Image for Creamy fettuccine with Italian sausage and leeks

Creamy fettuccine with Italian sausage and leeks

This easy fettucine can be whipped up in no-time

pasta frittata recipe

Breakfast pasta frittata

This slightly unusual breakfast dish is all kinds of rewarding when your serving it freshly baked right out of the oven on a Sunday morning. Try it out once and watch it become a weekend brunch staple in your home.