ICYMI: Quebec to move forward with vaccine passports, the mislabeling of seafood products in Canada and more

Five food stories you might have missed this week

With many in the hospitality industry still feeling less than safe, the majority of Quebec restaurants are looking to follow vaccine passport mandate in the coming month.

A Regina business turns their passion for urban gardening into a business that is bringing fresh produce to their community. Speaking of homegrown ingredients, farmers in Atlantic Canada are hoping to find a way to support their Western Canadian peers who have had their crops devastated by droughts and fires.

Here are five notable food stories you may have missed this week.

Regina business turns lawns into vegetable gardens

In the early days of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Miranda Holt and Candace Benson of Regina teamed up to bring their passion for urban gardening into an opportunity for positive change within the community. City Street Farms transforms people's yards into vegetable gardens and have seen great success over the last year.

For a one-time fee, and homeowners paying for water, Holt and Benson maintain the garden and the produce is then split between City Street Farms, the homeowner and the local food bank. City Street Farms says it is excited to expand their program next year.

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How will Quebec's vaccine passport mandate affect restaurants?

Coming up the end of the summer with the potential for a fourth wave of the pandemic, Quebec will be moving forward with vaccine passports.

As restaurants and bars may be examples of high risk settings, the vaccine passport requirement for restaurants would help to protect workers from coming into close contact with unmasked or unvaccinated customers. If cases continue to rise, Health minister Christian Dube predicts that the implementation of proof of vaccination could begin as early as September 1st.

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Atlantic farmers look to send help to western producers

With the continuation of the difficult conditions out west, Atlantic Canadian farmers who are experiencing many benefits of a healthy harvest are looking to share positive results of production with Western Canadian farmers. With extreme heat and dry conditions affecting Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Maritime farm organizations are looking for ways to help. 

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New findings suggest that seafood products may be mislabelled

According to a new study done by researchers in conservation groups who sampled of seafood products from restaurants and grocery stores across Canada, approximately half of the seafood was mislabelled. This includes about 43 of 94 seafood samples from Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto retailers.

Oceana Canada shared on their website that they believe Canada needs to find a way to ensure the sustainability of protein for consumers by creating a system whereby seafood is fully verified for both what it is and how it was caught.

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Victoria is confirmed to be the Canadian city with the most restaurants, bars and pubs per capita

According to the Destination Greater Victoria, Victoria is now confirmed to have the most restaurants, eateries, pubs and bars per person in the country. With a wide variety of options and the high quality of the eateries and businesses in Victoria, it doesn’t come as a surprise to Mayor Lisa Helps that Victoria leads the country for highest number of restaurants per capita.

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