Eat This Now Calgary: Rain Dog Bar's borscht devilled eggs

A tasty Eastern European spin on devilled eggs

If there's one dish that I will order as soon as I spot it on a menu, it's a devilled egg.

While nothing beats the classic variation (you know, "like mom used to make"), Rain Dog Bar in Inglewood is serving up borscht-inspired devilled eggs that are equal parts striking to look at and delicious to taste.


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Here, chef Rashad Ali marinates hard-boiled eggs in pickled beet juice (to attain the cool pink hue) before halving them and piping each half full of a yolk and sour cream mixture. The devilled eggs are then topped with caraway breadcrumbs, fresh dill and a touch of trout roe.

All of this makes a very delicious bite to kick-off to a meal at Rain Dog Bar, which was recently named one of Canada's Best Bars for 2023.

(Note: You can also find very tasty—albeit more traditional—devilled eggs at Calgary's Alumni on 17th Avenue, so if you'e a devilled egg fan, make sure to pay them a visit too.)

Rain Dog Bar is located at 1214 9 Ave SE and opens at 4 p.m. Mondays to Fridays and at 2 p.m. on Saturdays.