Eat This Now: The Tallest Poppy's fried tofu sandwich

Fried chicken, but make it (deliciously) tofu

Whenever I arrive in Winnipeg, The Tallest Poppy is one of my first stops and for good reason. The popular morning-to-night eatery on Sherbrooke Street offers up anything from tasty breakfast burritos to delicious fried chicken...and plenty of cocktails too.

During my latest lunch at Poppy, I felt compelled to try out the Northern Fried Tofu Sandwich, a plant-based version of their signature fried chicken sandwich. I always enjoy trying vegan versions of classic comfort food dishes to see just how they measure up and I am happy to report that this tofu sandwich definitely holds its own.

From a flavourful dredge resulting in a nice exterior to a slab of medium-firm tofu to the veganaise, tomato, shredded iceberg and a pillowy potato bun, it's a sandwich that I didn't want to put down. A side of creamy slaw and a pickle spear helped make this a perfectly satisfying, simple meal.

The Tallest Poppy is located at 103 Sherbrook Street and is open nightly until 10 p.m. from Tuesdays to Sundays.