Alberta Hospitality Association releases new call to action

The importance of amplifying the voice of Alberta’s food and beverage industry

A socially-distanced dining setup inside of Annabelle's Kitchen

Following last week’s news that Alberta restaurants would not be among the list of businesses permitted to reopen when restrictions were set to expire on January 21, the Alberta Hospitality Association (AHA) has released a new call to action for industry members to aid in its ongoing quest for a clear path toward fully reopening.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the AHA has advocated on behalf of food and beverage businesses to request necessities such as clear government communication, data-driven decision making, wage subsidies, and much more. 

"The anxiety and frustration within the Alberta hospitality industry could not be greater at this time,” says Brett Ireland, founding board member of AHA and CEO of Bearhill Brewing Company. “I am extremely proud of the efforts made by so many to provide a safe environment for employees and guests throughout the pandemic, but the harsh reality is that many businesses and jobs continue to be at risk as a result of the shutdown."

To further its efforts, the AHA is asking food and beverage owners, operators, and senior management to fill out a survey to help ascertain common needs and provide perspective in regards to current regulations. 

Industry members are also encouraged to reach out to local MLA’s and government representatives to express what they feel is needed in terms of communication and financial support.

Although the AHA has reportedly met with the Alberta government since the publication of its open letter last week, AHA president Ernie Tsu says the government has yet to commit to a specific reopening date. More information regarding the AHA and its ongoing initiatives can be found online.