British Columbia Wine Institute rebrands as Wine Growers of B.C.

The voice of B.C.’s wine industry rebrands to better align with national associations

Photo Credit: Wines of British Columbia

Following last month’s news that the Canadian Vintners Association had rebranded as Wine Growers of Canada, the British Columbia wine community announced today that the B.C. Wine Institute will henceforth be known as the Wine Growers of British Columbia (WGBC). 

Like Ontario and Nova Scotia before it, WGBC’s objective in rebranding is to better align itself with other provincial and national associations, while reflecting the region’s dynamic opportunities for value-add agriculture, agri-food, and economic growth. 

“As farmers, winemakers, retailers and tourism operators, the B.C. wine industry is the highest value-added agricultural product in British Columbia, contributing more than $2.8 billion in annual economic impact,” says Miles Prodan, President and CEO, Wine Growers British Columbia. “Repositioning the organization as Wine Growers British Columbia is a significant step in keeping our industry moving forward and better reflects the B.C. wine industry as part of a complex value-added agri-food chain and not simply a beverage alcohol product.”

The WGBC represents roughly 95 per cent of all grape wine produced in each of B.C.’s nine wine growing regions. More information regarding member programs and services can be found online.